Why is cheongsam a sexy underwear

Introduction: The origin of cheongsam sex lingerie

Cheongsam erotic underwear is a traditional cultural heritage and sexy underwear style.The origin of the cheongsam can be traced back to the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, and it becomes a closer history.

The first paragraph: How is the sexy cheongsam sexy underwear designed?

The design of cheongsam erotic underwear pays great attention to lines and tailoring, making women’s body more attractive.Usually high -quality fabrics, such as lace, silk and embroidery, to increase the gorgeousness of the underwear, and at the same time, it also fits the curve of the female body.

The second paragraph: the sexy effect of cheongsam sex lingerie

Sexy is mainly manifested in the comfort of wearing and the aesthetics of naked body curves.The design of cheongsam erotic underwear can show the curve of women’s body shape, and the degree of sexy will be strengthened.At the same time, the cutting of this underwear also makes women easier to wear, which can make the body naturally move without any restraint.

Section 3: What are the advantages of cheongsam sexy underwear?

Compared with his interesting underwear, cheongsam erotic underwear focuses on beauty while emphasizing the elegance and gentleness of women, which is more in line with the aesthetics of Oriental women.At the same time, this underwear can not only play a role in sexy aspect, but also reflect the positive quality of women.

Fourth paragraph: Is cheongsam sexy underwear suitable for all female women?

Each underwear has a suitable body shape, and cheongsam sexy underwear is no exception.This underwear is mainly for the purpose of highlighting the curve of women’s body, so it is suitable for women with coordinated curves, breasts and waists.It is not suitable for women’s body or insufficient milk.

The fifth paragraph: What is the meaning of a variety of colors of cheongsam sex underwear?

Cheongsam erotic underwear is sewn from various colors of fabrics.Different colors represent different meanings.Symbol of love, pure white, passion, temptation red, mysterious, noble purple, rich, sexy black, delicate, tender pink, etc.

Paragraph 6: Cheongsam sexy underwear fashion matching skills

The beautiful lines and gorgeous fabrics of cheongsam erotic lingerie can not only be worn as underwear, but also can be worn with some suitable coats.Such as short lace coats, loose tulle coats, long necklace worn at the collarbone, etc., can make cheongsam sexy underwear play a better beauty and sexy role.

Seventh paragraph: cleansing and maintenance of cheongsam sex underwear

Because the high -quality fabrics used by cheongsam erotic lingerie, special attention is needed in cleaning and maintenance.Dry cleaning is a better way, because it can avoid damage to the use of washing machine when washing machine washing.At the same time, we need to pay attention to avoid long -term exposure and avoid being placed in a humid environment for a long time.

Eighth paragraph: cheongsam sex underwear market popularity status

Cheongsam erotic underwear is very popular in the Chinese community.Although it is not too popular in the market in Western countries, many people still understand and purchase through various channels.

Paragraph ninth: Is cheongsam sexy underwear suitable for lover gifts?

Cheongsam erotic underwear is not only a kind of underwear worn by women, but also a special sexual gift.If your partner likes this style, then such a gift will be very appropriate.Suitable for gifts for important festivals such as Valentine’s Day and Birthday.

Conclusion: The charm of cheongsam sex lingerie

Cheongsam erotic underwear is a traditional cultural charm and modern sexy underwear style.Through the design of lines and fabrics, cheongsam erotic underwear shows the seductive female figure, and at the same time, it also makes women rejuvenate the inner beauty and elegance.Although cheongsam sexy underwear is suitable for people to wear, it is still a popular sexy underwear in the Chinese community, and it is also a special lover gift.

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