Women wear sexy lingerie

Women wear sexy lingerie

Women wearing fun underwear can enhance their self -confidence and sexy charm, and at the same time inject a trace of stimuli into sexual life.Interest underwear can not only reflect the beauty and charm of women, but also bring visual enjoyment and passion to men.Next, let’s introduce the knowledge and precautions of women in sexy underwear.

Material is the key

Choosing materials is an important factor in choosing sexy underwear.Generally speaking, sexy underwear is preferred to choose the texture of the body curve, or the texture of the body, the transparent soft material, the transparent soft material, or the body curve.For example, women who want to increase the sense of quantity can choose a thick texture of the material.

The size is suitable

Wearing any clothes is the same, the size is suitable, especially sexy underwear.If you wear it small, you will feel uncomfortable and not conducive to wearing; if you wear it, it will affect the beauty and support effect.Therefore, it is necessary to correctly measure your own size and find a suitable size.

Advertising is not necessarily true

When buying sexy underwear, avoid excessive believe in advertising.Sometimes merchants use some exaggerated, false or technical photos to market products.Therefore, you can first read the purchase experience and recommendation of other women, or try it on in the store to see if it is suitable for you.

Choose the right color

Color can add sex, charm and romantic atmosphere of sexy underwear.Black classic, warm, lively, purple mysterious, white and fresh, lady.Therefore, you can choose according to different occasions and characteristics.For example, red can be used as a sexy representative. It is suitable for wearing on Valentine’s Day and Women’s Day, while pale purple has the effect of adding a mystery.

Different types are suitable for different occasions

Interest underwear is not a kind of clothes that can be worn casually. You need to choose from the occasion, time and atmosphere.For example, lace corsets in the black or red environment will give people a strong sexy temptation, suitable for dating lover overnight and lover, and wearing in daily life and work. It is easy to be too exposed and lack of professionalism.

About breast enlargement

Wearing erotic underwear only considers sexy and ignores its own body problems. Although it will enhance my sexy charm, it may not appear sexy.For example, a woman with a flat chest figure makes the breast enhancement underwear that looks bigger to make the whole body more beautiful; on the other hand, wearing a sexy underwear in the abdomen can not only modify the figure, but also make the curve more sexy, increase self -confidenceHeart.

How to match better

Matching is the key. In addition to the color and material matching, other details are also very important.For example, with black silk, it will be more sexy, and with a small sexy underwear and lace bands or lace gloves, it can make you more charming and noble, with sexy shoes, which can play women’s personality more playfully.

Personal hygiene requirements

Wearing underwear is to touch the skin, so women should maintain personal hygiene, replace underwear every day, clean and disinfect in time.Some erotic underwear is difficult to clean because the material is difficult to clean or send it to a professional store for disinfection.


Women wearing fun underwear are to enhance their charm, meet sexual needs, and increase self -confidence.When choosing, pay attention to the requirements of materials, sizes, color, matching and personal hygiene.Wearing a sexy underwear is not to show, but to be attractive, so it is the first priority, and sexy is not the only pursuit.In the end, after becoming the owner of a sexy underwear, you should enjoy the temptation of secrets, which makes the nobles amazing and natural.

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