Women’s Jugs Funny Underwear

Women’s Jugs Funny Underwear

Women’s underwear is not only to protect the whole body, but also to modify the shape and make themselves more beautiful.Gathering underwear can make women’s chests more full and more attractive.In the field of sexy underwear, clustering underwear is also a very popular underwear that allows women to show their charm in sexy.Below, let’s take a look at the ladies’ gathering chest and sexy underwear.

1. Gathering clustering underwear

Gathering and clustering underwear is generally rich in sponge pads, which can make the chest look fuller.When choosing a cluster of polymerization underwear, you can consider choosing a classic style. The color is mainly red or black.

Second, adjustable polymerized chest underwear

Adjustable polymerized chest underwear uses adjustable shoulder straps, which can adjust the height and size of the chest according to personal needs.This underwear can be adjusted according to its own needs to make the chest look fuller.

Third, front buckle poly chest underwear

The front buckle -type polycase underwear is designed to make the underwear more convenient to wear.Moreover, this design can also ensure a better supporting role in the chest and prevent the chest from sagging.

4. Vest -type poly chest underwear

Vest -type clustering underwear adopts a vest design. The cup is rich in sponge filling, which can quickly collect the chest tissue, tighten and improve the chest.This design also has a certain shaping effect on the unsightly back lines.

Fifth, no steel ring poly chest underwear

The steel -free poly chest underwear uses a soft material, which completely canceled the steel ring design in traditional underwear.This underwear can effectively avoid the discomfort of the steel ring compression of the female body.At the same time, it can also shape the chest lines well, making the chest look more charming.

6. Vest -type non -trace poly chest underwear

The vest -type non -trace polylling underwear is an underwear designed with non -trace design. It will specialize in using soft cups and vest design to make the tailoring of the underarm and back more suitable and comfortable to wear.The edge of the underwear is treated to avoid bloated appearance.

Seven, 3/4 cup type clustering underwear

The 3/4 cup of clustering underwear designed the cup type to the shape of 3/4 cups, which greatly improved the chest height, making the chest more upright.Moreover, the 3/4 cup of polymeric underwear is also very comfortable, which can protect women’s physical health well.

8. Full cup -type clustered chest underwear

The whole cup -type polychetic underwear can be well wrapped in the entire chest, making the chest look fuller and upright.This clustering underwear is very suitable for women with small breasts, which can achieve a good effect.

Nine, lace -type poly chest underwear

The lace -type polychetic underwear uses a lace lace design to make the underwear more sexy.Moreover, lace -made underwear can breathe well, making the skin feel more comfortable.

10. Multifunctional polyphonic underwear

Multifunctional polyphon underwear can be freely combined. While ensuring the effect of polyphonic chest, it can easily cope with various clothing matching, making everyone’s daily cooperation easier and more convenient.


In short, ladies have a very important role in women’s health underwear, which can enhance women’s self -confidence and charm.When choosing a clustered underwear, you must choose the right size, and pay attention to the material and quality of the underwear.

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