Yang Mi Interesting Underwear Xiaohuangwen Collection

Yang Mi Interesting Underwear Xiaohuangwen Collection

Yang Mi is one of the strong actresses in the Chinese film industry. In addition to having a pure face, she often shows a bold and sexy side.In Xiao Huangwen, Yang Mi’s sexy underwear has also become a topic of saliva for some people.The theme of Yang Mi’s Interest Underwear Xiao Huangwen is the theme to introduce the sexy lingerie styles she wore.

Qi B short skirt with sequined underwear

For stars like Yang Mi, the dress of important occasions needs special attention.In a certain event, Yang Mi wore a very short Qi B skirt and a sequined sexy underwear, which instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

Fluorescent porn underwear

Fluorescent pornographic underwear is a popular trend in recent years, and Yang Mi spared no effort to try this trend.She used to wear a bright yellow sexy underwear in a certain interview and black lace decoration, which was very sexy.

Black perspective sexy underwear

For many women, black perspective sexy underwear is the most challenging one, and Yang Mi is no exception.She once wore a set of black perspective sexy underwear at a certain awards ceremony, outline her charming figure curve, which was very sexy and seductive.

Tulle sexy underwear

Types and sexy underwear can appropriately reduce the sense of restraint, make the body breathe more free, and also show a sexy side.Yang Mi once wore a set of red gauze sexy underwear in a certain magazine shooting, which was mouthwatering.

Stockings sleeve sexual shirt

Stockings suit is a relatively complicated one. It needs to be matched with a variety of elements, usually including French lace, cuffs filled with sequins.And Yang Mi once appeared in such a set of sexy underwear, showing feminine charm.

Lace edge -made underwear

Lace borderline underwear is the most classic one and one of the essential styles of all women.Yang Mi chose such a sexy underwear in many activities, showing his beautiful figure.

Net Red Black Sex Plasma

In modern society, the element of net red has become very popular.Black net red sexy underwear is also increasingly loved by the public.Yang Mi also worn such a underwear with high heels, perfectly showing the full curve of women.

Metal decorative sexy underwear

Metal decorative sexy underwear is a relatively rare in sexy underwear.It is usually decorated with metal materials to make the underwear more dazzling and increase the sexy charm of the wearer.And Yang Mi once appeared in such a underwear to show his sexy side.

Velvet decorative sexy underwear

In order to pursue a more retro sexy style, the current sexy underwear often uses fluff to build materials.In a certain shooting, Yang Mi wore a pink velvet -decorated sexy underwear, which was looming and full of feminine charm.


Yang Mi’s sexy underwear uniform has the hearts of countless fans, which also indirectly promotes the popularization and development of sexy underwear.Putting on a suitable erotic underwear can better show your charm and add interest in life.In short, sexy underwear is an important part of every woman.

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