Yang Yan’s Wonderful Underwear Picture

Introduction: Who is Yang Yan?

Yang Yan is a famous figure in the Chinese mythological story "Journey to the West". He is the descendant of the god of the sun. He has performed well in the battle and is one of Sun Wukong’s helping assistant.Recently, some pictures about Yang Yan’s sexy underwear have been circulating on social media, which has caused my curiosity.


Sexy underwear usually has sexy and hot designs to increase the stimulus and fun of sexual life.And Yang Yan’s interesting underwear is no exception.According to pictures, they are usually composed of slings, corsets, underwear, stockings and other parts.

Style and color

There are many different styles and colors of Yang Yan’s sexy underwear to meet the needs of different people.There are some styles that use black or red main colors, and lipstick printing and silver five -pointed star add more sexy atmosphere.Other styles are designed with mesh or transparent materials to expose more skin and more sexy stimulation.


Yang Yan’s affectionate underwear is very sexy and fit the body very well, showing the characteristics of the beautiful lines.The beads, mesh and lace on the suspender make the underwear look very elegant.The underwear part is usually a T -shaped or triangular design, adding charm to women’s beautiful buttocks.


You need to pay attention to some matters when choosing Yang Yan’s sexy underwear.First of all, focus on style and color, choose the clothes that suits you, and accurately measure your body size.Secondly, to ensure personal hygiene, wash the underwear before wearing it to ensure cleanliness.Finally, choose high -quality sexy underwear and carefully check fabrics and workmanship.

Selection of fabrics

The quality and fabric of Yang Yan’s sexy underwear are very important.Fabrics are usually made of silk, lace, satin, elastic cloth and nylon.The texture of these materials is soft and smooth, and it feels very comfortable on the skin.If you are allergic to adhesives, you should try to choose underwear without adhesive.

Price range

The price range of Yang Yan’s sexy underwear is widely distributed, usually between 100 yuan and 500 yuan.When choosing, the price should be properly controlled to find the most cost -effective products.

How to maintain it?

The maintenance method of Yang Yan’s sexy underwear is also very important.Cold water should usually be washed with cold water and dry it under the sun.Avoid using bleach and soft agent to avoid damaging fabrics and aesthetics.


If you want to have Yang Yan’s sexy underwear, you can choose some well -known and quality -guaranteed sexy underwear brands.I believe that the brand guaranteed products will add more fun and excitement to your sex life.At the same time, buying sex underwear with couples helps enhance feelings and enjoy the joy of sex.

in conclusion

Interest underwear has become an increasingly important part of modern society, while Yang Yan’s sexy underwear is the most sexy and unique one of them.No matter who you are or your preference, I believe that such underwear will bring you a new experience in terms of visual effects and practicality.Therefore, let’s let go of our mentality and choose the fun of our own favorite and taste sex!

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