Youguo Fairy Underwear Photo

Youguo Fairy Underwear Photo

Sex underwear, as one of the types of sex supplies, has always been popular.Recently, posted a group of photo photos called "Fairy Lords", which attracted the attention of many people.Below, let’s take a look at the mysteries of these sexy underwear!

Unlimited way of wear

There are many ways to wear sexy underwear as other sexy underwear.You can choose to wear under the jacket under the jacket, or wear it directly.As long as you like your favorite style, you can match it at will.

A variety of styles

There are not only basic styles, but also small fresh, sexy and charming styles, which meet the needs of different people.Different styles, suitable for people of different types, only the style that knows themselves best.

Combining emotions, more emotional

Different from ordinary sexy underwear, the design of the sexy underwear pays more attention to the integration of emotions and more emotional.Its purpose is not just sex, but also covers an emotional communication.

Properly increase surprise elements

In the case of local opening, properly adding surprise elements can be easier to arouse sex and increase passion.In addition to ordinary underwear, there are intriguing design with wings and lace lace, so that bold imagination and interesting sex will continue.

Choosing fabrics is important

Selection of the fabric of sexy underwear is very important, which determines the comfort and personal sense of wearing.The production materials for opening the sexy underwear should also make better choices, so that the wearer will not compress the skin while feeling surprise.

Master wearing skills

Wearing sexy underwear must master a certain amount of dressing skills, so as to better show the beauty of underwear.This is also the same for the opening and fun underwear. It is necessary to fully consider the physical display of the flesh to achieve the parallel of beauty and sex.

How to match clothing

The matching of sexy underwear is not easy. You should choose to match sexy clothing, such as puffy skirts, tight skirts, etc.With the appropriate effect, it can make your temperament very perfect during sex.

Cleaning maintenance is important

After wearing a sexy underwear, cleaning and maintenance is also very important.The opening of the sexy underwear should not only be cleaned, but also measure the anti -fade and keep the fabric clean. Use a good method to protect it, so that your opening erotic underwear will be beautiful for a long time.

Not everyone can accept the opening and fun lingerie

Although the feeling of opening the stall’s sexy underwear will make many people like it, many people still cannot accept this design.Personal preference also largely affects whether we can accept the opening and sexy underwear, so do not evaluate its own value based on ourselves as the standard.


As a category of special designs of sexy underwear, sexy underwear has brought us special enjoyment.However, everyone’s preferences are different, and they should respect whether they like it.Only satisfaction of yourself is the best match.

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