Your erotic underwear dropped

1. What is the reason for the drop of sex underwear?

Although underwear should be worn tightly, they may still fall or slip.This may be because your underwear is loose or the size is wrong.In addition, if there is irregular fat on your back or shoulder, or if you do not completely alternate the underwear cup with your chest when wearing underwear, you may also cause the underwear to drop.

2. How to avoid falling in sex underwear?

To avoid the drop of underwear, you must first ensure that you choose the right size.It is recommended to go to the store to try on when buying underwear and let professionals check the appropriateness.In addition, after putting on underwear, adjust the position of the back and shoulders to ensure that the cup and chest are aligned.

3. How to buy sexy underwear?

The purchase of sexy underwear should be determined according to personal taste and figure.It is best to choose underwear with soft and comfortable materials and reasonable details.Of course, pay attention to the choice of size.If you just buy underwear online, be sure to check the size table and confirm that it is consistent with your size to prevent you from buying underwear with inappropriate sizes.

4. What kind of sexy underwear is suitable for various types?

There are many kinds of sexy underwear, suitable for various types.If you want to emphasize your waist, you can try to choose a waist -like sexy underwear.If you want to improve the shape of the chest, it is a good choice to choose a sexy underwear with inner pads or support bands.

5. How to clean and maintain sexy underwear?

Interesting underwear is a high -end personal clothes, so it should be carefully cleaned and maintained.It is recommended to wash or use a laundry bag with warm water. Do not use a bleach or dryer to clean or dry it.When storing underwear, it is best to fold them and place them in a clean drawer to avoid any dust or stains.

6. The choice of black color erotic underwear?

Black is the color of sexy underwear that many people like.If you want to buy black sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose those styles with good texture and appropriate volume.In addition, when choosing, selective or soft design should be selected according to your preference.

7. What are the women’s sexy underwear style?

The style of sexy underwear varies from brand and style. Generally speaking, the style can be divided into three categories, which are sexy, cute and natural.Sexy sexy underwear usually has a lot of decoration and lace; cute sexy lingerie usually uses bright colors and cute prints; natural sexy underwear pays more attention to elegance, simplicity and comfort.

8. How to judge whether sexy underwear is appropriate?

When wearing sexy underwear, you can judge whether the following points are appropriate: 

Whether the chest is fully covered

Can the structure of the underwear provide sufficient support

Whether the shoulder strap is comfortable and stable

Whether the cup size is accurate

Whether it is suitable for the style and color of the clothes

9. What are the occasions of sexy underwear?

The most suitable occasion for sex underwear is in the bedroom.However, if you want to participate in a party or nightclub in sexy underwear, you can also choose some appropriate styles to show your sexy and charming side.

10. What is the role of sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is not just to cater to sexual fantasies, but more importantly, it can bring confidence and pleasure.It can improve self -esteem and sexual attraction, and help women explore and discover their unique charm.


Interest underwear is a way to show femininity and skin.Choose the style and size that suits you, and the correct cleaning and maintenance method, which can extend the life of the underwear and make yourself feel more confident and happy.

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