Zhejiang Fun underwear Village

Zhejiang Fun underwear Village

Yuxin Town, Deqing County, Zhejiang is known as the "First Village in China Spring Lingerie", which brings together 70%of domestic sexy underwear processing companies in China, and is the largest sexy underwear production base in the country.

Historical revolution

In the 1980s, the Ginkgo Mountain area in Yuxin Town, Deqing County was the hometown of ginkgo in the world.With the shrinking of the ginkgo sculpture market, local villagers are looking for a new industry.In the early 1990s, the processing technology of sex products came from Yiwu, Zhejiang. Villagers in Yuxin Town, Deqing County began to get involved in the sex lingerie industry, forming today’s sexy underwear village.

Enterprise scale and output value

At present, there are more than 1,000 sexy underwear villages in Daqing County Fairy Underwear Village, with more than 30,000 employees, with an output value of more than 10 billion yuan.These companies are mainly foreign trade and export to many countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia.

Production Process

Zhejiang’s Info Underwear Village mainly produces sexy underwear in OEM models. From the original design, version, cutting, car seams, bronze, perm, watermarks, configuration hoe to packaging, etc., etc.During the production process, sexy underwear companies will adjust the production speed and production volume in time according to customer requirements or market demand.

Innovative design

Interest underwear design is an important part of the sex underwear industry.Due to the continuous expansion of market demand, companies in the Info Underwear Village in Deqing County have begun to pay attention to research and development and innovation.In response to various markets, more than a hundred new, unique, and sexy sexy lingerie styles have launched sexy underwear companies in the village, and their own product series have been formed.

Brand Building

Brand construction is the key to improving its competitiveness and market share of sexy underwear companies.In response to this problem, companies in Zhejiang’s Info Underwear Village have successively launched their own brands, and enhance the brand awareness and reputation through various channels such as exhibitions and e -commerce.At present, many fun underwear brands such as Huimei Bei, Japanese prostitutes, Ni Cai people, and Magic Meiyan have gradually occupied the domestic market share.

Market demand and competition situation

With the gradual maturity of the market, the competition in the sexy underwear market at home and abroad has become increasingly fierce, and the survival pressure of the industry has gradually increased.Interesting underwear companies need to continuously improve technology, reduce costs, develop new products, and establish brands. They always maintain synchronization with market demand and seek sustainable development.

Future development prospects

With the continuous expansion of domestic and foreign markets and the continuous renewal of technology, the sex underwear industry will usher in new development opportunities.In the future, sexy underwear companies should continue to strengthen research and development, innovative design, brand building, adapt to the trend of consumption upgrades, diversification, and personalization, continuously improve service quality and management level, create international competitive sexy underwear brands, and can be available in the industry.Continuing continuous development.

Sunshine and dark side

Within the national borders, sexy underwear has become a representative of fashion and trend. Its rich category, exciting imagination, attention of personality, and respect for respect have been recognized and sought after by more and more young people.However, there are still many problems in sexy underwear, such as low -cost competition, counterfeiting, and irregular production.Interesting underwear companies should also bear their own social responsibility while obtaining profits, actively promote the development of industry standardization and branding, and promote the healthy and orderly growth of the industry.

In the end, the sex underwear industry has become the most important economic pillar of Deqing, enriching the lives of local villagers, and has made a huge contribution to the national sex lingerie industry.