Dry Lulu’s sexy underwear


Dan Lulu, an explosive entertainment celebrity, she has always been a controversial and topical existence in the entertainment industry.Just recently, she became the focus of attention to the whole people, because the sexy underwear she wore at a certain event made that event a headline of the country!So today, we are going to talk about dry Lulu’s sexy underwear.

Silver crystal sexy underwear

This set of underwear worn by Ganlu is a silver crystal sexy underwear.Its style is very sexy and domineering, which fully meets the style of dry Lulu.

Design and production

The design of this silver crystal erotic underwear is very exquisite. The internal support uses a very stable steel wire. This steel wire can better support the girl’s chest to shape the sexy chest shape.The thick sponge is more comfortable to use.

Fabric texture

The overall color of the sexy underwear is the main color of the silver. Because the silver can reflect very elegant and high -level, it is very suitable for the main color of the sexy underwear.In addition, this sexy underwear also uses a unique zipper design, which increases the visual impact of the entire underwear.

Diamond decoration

There are many rhinestones falling on this set of sexy underwear. These rhinestones can not only embellish the entire underwear well, but also make the underwear more delicate, but also improve the texture of the entire underwear, which makes people feel very advanced.

Charming and personal effect

Interesting underwear is not only a decoration and clothing, but also a symbol of feminine charm.And this silver crystal sex lingerie can play the sexy and charm of dry Lulu, so that everyone’s eyes are shining. More importantly, after putting on this set of underwear, the curve of dry dew is more attractive!

brand history

This silver crystal sexy underwear is designed and produced by a well -known sexy underwear brand.This brand has a very mature design, production and sales team, and is loved by the consumer groups of major women.

scenes to be used

The use of this silver crystal sexy underwear is very wide. Whether it is inside the family or at the scene of the sex party, people can feel very shocking and excited visually.

Recommended match

This set of sexy lingerie is best to wear with purple stockings and black high -heeled shoes, because this combination can not only improve the sense of grade of the entire dress, but also better highlight the sexy and charm of underwear.

Value and price

The price of this silver crystal erotic underwear is not cheap, but for female friends who pay attention to the quality and comfort, the value of this set of underwear is very high.


In general, this silver crystal erotic underwear is not only gorgeous, but also very sexy. Even ordinary wearing on weekdays can make people feel a different sense of fashion.If you are a delicate and sexy woman, then this set of underwear is definitely a choice that you should not miss!

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