Sword Three Sexy underwear

What is Sword Three Fun underwear?

Sword Sanxiang’s underwear is a kind of equipment appearing in the Taiwan mobile game "Swordsman Love Network Edition". It is a sexy, gorgeous and strange equipment with a very strong personality and visual impact.This is the most controversial equipment in the game, because its color, style, and materials are very in line with Japanese AV actresses and cosplay culture, and they can also be shared between the same sex. ThereforeIt is "sexy equipment", but this does not affect its popularity in the game.

Types of Sword Three Fun underwear

According to colors, styles and attributes, the three sexy underwear of the sword can be divided into the following:

Red, black, white sexy underwear

Corset, beam, suspender, bikini, naked pajamas and other styles

Attack, defense, life, mana, crit rate, curse and other attributes

How to use the sword three sexy underwear

In the game, players can get sexy underwear by buying or playing monsters through the mall, and then they can be worn in the equipment bar.Different styles of sexy underwear have different attribute bonuses, and you can choose to wear according to your needs.

The effect and controversy of sexy underwear

Interest underwear does not have a special effect in the Sword III game, but has a certain attribute bonus.However, due to its sexy and strange appearance, it once caused some controversy.Some players think that the existence of sexy underwear is to meet the sexual needs of some players, and should not appear in the game; other players think that sexy underwear is just a game equipment and should not be over -interpreted.

Interests of underwear and gaming culture

The appearance of sexy underwear has a lot to do with Taiwanese game culture.Taiwanese are generally more open, tolerance for entertainment, sex and lifestyle, and Cosplay culture is also very popular in Taiwan.Therefore, in the game world in Taiwan, elements such as sexy equipment and COSPLAY often appear, and sexy underwear is also one of them.

Design and production of sexy underwear

The design and production of sexy underwear are very particular. It is necessary to consider many factors such as color, style, cutting, and material.At the same time, it is necessary to consider the needs of players and the trend of the market.Therefore, the design and production of sexy underwear involves many fields such as clothing design, production, and marketing.

The market prospects of sexy underwear

With the openness of society and the improvement of people’s quality of life, the market for sex products is continuously expanding.As one of the sex underwear, it is gradually becoming a popular product in the market.In the future, the prospects of the sexy underwear market should be more broad.

The meaning of the three sexy underwear of the sword

Although Sword Sanxiang’s underwear is only a game equipment, its emergence also reflects some changes in society.It represents both part of the game culture of Taiwan, but also reflects people’s pursuit and exploration of sex and beauty.Therefore, it has certain significance.


Sword Sanxiangyou is a striking topic, and has a wide range of discussions in the game industry and society.Regardless of its existence or not, we should face it with an openness and tolerance.After all, everyone’s pursuit of beauty and life is different.Only on the basis of mutual understanding can we better explore human nature and beauty.

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