Taobao shooting sex underwear, the model

Taobao shooting sex underwear, the model


In recent years, with the rapid development of the sex products industry, more and more sellers have begun to sell sexy underwear on Taobao.The question that follows is: How to show sex underwear on the Internet?At this time, the "model of Taobao’s sexy underwear" became very important, and the choice of models determines the sales volume of the product and the image of the brand.

How to choose a model?

First, choose according to the style of the product and the main use group.Generally speaking, sexy erotic underwear is suitable for choosing good models, not a model with sweet and seductive models.At the same time, the model’s temperament, sound and movement also need to be considered, so that customers feel when watching.

Model posture and shooting angle

The correct posture and shooting angle can have the effect of painting the finishing touch.When shooting sexual emotional and interesting underwear, the posture of the model should meet the needs of products and scenes, and at the same time, it also needs to leave a certain imagination space for customers.The choice of shooting angle is also very important, so that customers can clearly see the details of sexy underwear.


Model clothing matching should complement the erotic underwear.You can choose the same or similar colors as the sexy lingerie, or you can choose the color opposite to the sexy underwear to highlight the characteristics of the underwear.In addition, according to the needs of the scene, it can be matched with different types of clothing, such as student uniforms or stewardess installations.


Makeup shape is an important part of the model image.Makeup should choose the style suitable for temperament and scene, which can highlight the advantages of the model and be good at covering the shortcomings.In terms of styling, you can match the style of clothing and sexy underwear, such as cuteness, sexy or cold.

Light and background

Light and background are also the focus of attention in sex underwear shooting.Lighting can highlight the figure and beauty of the model, and adjust the angle and direction of the light at the same time, which can better display the product.The choice of background is also critical. You can choose a solid color background or create a scene suitable for product style.

Post -processing and trimming

Later processing is a very important step in sexy underwear shooting, which can modify the model’s skin, adjust color tone, add special effects, and so on.The trimming should be determined according to the characteristics and scenes of the product. It cannot be exaggerated or over -corrected.Maintaining natural and true state is the best effect.

Model requirements and management

A successful erotic underwear team requires an excellent model lineup, which requires strict control of the models and management of the model.Models need to maintain a good image and form, and also need to pay attention to maintaining body and health.In continuous shooting and training, the team also needs to provide the model with corresponding work guarantee and career planning.

Brand itself

Choosing a suitable sexy underwear model has an important impact on brand image and sales.The image and temperament of the model represent the quality and characteristics of the brand, and the attractive and well -dressed model can also drive customers’ desire to buy and increase sales and popularity.


It is important to choose the right model in the process of taking sex underwear in Taobao.In addition to the basic figure, temperament, and skills, other aspects of needs also need to choose carefully.Determine which model to choose, comprehensively evaluates based on the characteristics of the product, brand image and main consumer groups to achieve overall coordination and unity, so that the image of the model really matches the sexy underwear products.

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