Video of the process of sexy underwear

Background introduction

In recent years, fun underwear, as an emerging fashion trend, has gradually attracted people’s attention.With the continuous development of photography technology, the process of filming of sexy lingerie has also become the focus of attention for many people.

Choose underwear type

First, choose the type of underwear that suits you and the occasion.There are different sexual erotic lingerie, beauty sexy underwear, adult erotic underwear, European and American sex lingerie and other styles to choose from.Each style has its specific style and expression.


When you are underwear, clothing except underwear is also very important.With suitable clothes and shoes, it can increase the overall beauty and temperament, making the photography effect better.

Pursue natural comfort

When shooting, positioning and action, you must pursue natural comfort.Do not appear an unnatural posture during the shooting process, which will affect the overall effect.

Pay attention to color matching

The color of the underwear is very important. It is best to choose the color that is fused with the skin color, so that it can better highlight the beauty of the body and skin.Similarly, the color matching of clothes and shoes is also very important.

Use props to add fun

When shooting the video of the sexy lingerie, you can use various creative strange props, such as petals, pendants, mesh, beeswax, etc., which will add fun and artistic.

Expressive expressions and eyes are attractive

When shooting, expressions and eyes are also very important.Make your eyes more versatile and attractive expression, thereby increasing the temptation of underwear.

Details of shooting

During the shooting process, pay attention to grasp every detail.For example, whether the short hair is beautiful, whether the shape is comfortable, whether the underwear style is suitable, etc. These require carefully consideration.

Later processing improvement picture effect

Pay attention to the quality of pictures and videos in the later stage of photography.You can use some software for processing to improve the sharpness and resolution of the screen, so that the entire video is better.


The process of shooting sexy underwear requires artistic sense and innovation spirit, but at the same time, be careful not to be too exposed and vulgar.Good underwear videos must not only seduce the audience, but also show a sense of beauty and art, so as to gain more people’s love and appreciation.

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