Wear sex underwear in the test room

Wear sex underwear in the test room

The fitting room is where we try new clothes or new shoes.However, when we try sex underwear, the situation becomes different.This underwear involves not only wearing and comfortable, but also self -confidence and personal image.Below, let’s take a look at some things that wear sexy underwear in the test room.

Choose suitable underwear styles

First of all, you need to choose the underwear style that suits you.There are many different styles of sexy underwear, including bras, underwear, conjoined and suspenders.It is very important to understand your body and style in order to choose a style that suits you.

Choose the correct size

It is also important to choose the right size.A underwear with inappropriate size will make you feel uncomfortable and affect experience.Therefore, it is recommended to understand your size and figure in advance when trying to wear sexy underwear in order to choose the correct size easier.

Prepare shoes and accessories

When trying to wear sex underwear, you also need to prepare shoes and accessories.This can better understand how to match the actual clothing.Before trying on, you can choose a pair of high heels and some accessories to simulate the real scene.This will provide you with opportunities for better display and adjustment of clothing.

Take off your clothes before trying on

Before trying to wear underwear, take off your clothes.This allows you to better understand the texture and effect of underwear.The coat may affect your impression, so you can really understand how it shows your body line when wearing naked underwear.

Follow the texture and comfort

In addition to the appearance, pay attention to the texture and comfort of the underwear.Most sexy underwear uses transparent materials, so be sure to choose the material that suits you.In addition, considering comfort is equally important.If you are uncomfortable, you will feel pain and difficulty in the modeling model.

Adjust the underwear

When trying to wear sexy underwear, you must pay attention to adjustment.Underwear may need to be adjusted to make you look more perfect.You can adjust your belt, shoulder strap and any loose straps in the fitting room.Make sure that the underwear is sticked in the body to show your best body line.

Change the angle and posture

When trying through sexy underwear, try different angles and postures.This can help you better understand the effects of underwear and see if you satisfy your expectations.For example, you can turn or squat down to obtain a comprehensive visual effect.

With the right coat

If you wear sexy underwear in public, it is best to consider matching the right coat.Occasion can help you control the degree of exposure and ensure that wearing is appropriate.In the test room, you can try different coats to find a suitable combination.

Observation details

When trying to wear sexy underwear, sometimes you need to pay attention to details.Underwear may have details of buttons, zipper or bow.These details may affect the display effect.Therefore, pay attention to these details during the trial process and make sure they do not interfere with the overall appearance and effect of underwear.

in conclusion

It is a very interesting and challenging thing to wear a sexy underwear.Choosing the right style and the appropriate size are crucial.In addition, you need to pay attention to the texture and comfort of the underwear, and try different angles and postures to find the most suitable results.Pay attention to adjusting and observing details, and consider matching the right coat.When you find a sexy underwear that suits you, self -confidence and charm will follow.

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