Video with more than 30 dollars in sex lingerie


As a special underwear, sexy underwear is increasingly sought after and favored by women.However, due to its personalized and diverse characteristics, the price is generally high, which has discouraged many people.In fact, as long as you choose the right brand and channels when buying, you can also buy sexy underwear for affordable people.In this article, we will introduce some sexy underwear videos that are only more than 30 yuan.

Brand recommendation

When choosing a sexy underwear below more than 30 yuan, the brand is particularly critical.The brands we recommend are: Yizhenfang, Abdo, Beauty Mind, AMOUR, Kimila, Qiaolan Yuan, etc.These brands of sexy lingerie are rich in styles, quality levels, and affordable prices. They are brand that is not missed by selective cost -effective sexy underwear.

Fabric introduction

Most of the cheap erotic underwear uses chemical fiber fabrics.However, the sexy lingerie fabrics we recommend are safe, comfortable and easy to clean.Among them, SPANDEX’s sexy underwear is not only elastic and breathable, but also comfortable, soft and not lost.

Style selection

When buying low -priced sexy underwear, Xiaobian recommends choosing small fresh style, light leisure style, ancient style of the Republic of China, etc. These styles are common in major brands, and they are very comfortable and decent at home.

Sexy back

For women with sexy beauty, it is recommended to choose sexy underwear of pocket girls, Fabiana, AMOUR and other brands.The sexy lingerie styles of these brands are simple, with bright colors, and their back design is fashionable and sexy.

Boyfriend shirt wind

Women who want to wear sexy lingerie and do not want to be too exposed, you can choose the sexy underwear of her boyfriend’s shirt style, such as Kimila, Guerlain and other brands.These sexy lingerie design is inspired by men’s shirts. The colors are fresh and elegant and loose, which is suitable for home wearing.

Han Fan Fun underwear

In the low price of sexy underwear, we can also find the trace of Han Fan’s sexy underwear.For example, Yizhenfang, Beauty Mind, and Kimila have a lot of sexy underwear design in Hanfan style. They are beautiful in style, moderate weight, quality level, and price -friendly. They are the best choices for young women.

Proposal must be a messy underwear

For men who are preparing to propose, I recommend choosing a proposal for sexy underwear to create a romantic night for themselves and girlfriends.This kind of sexy underwear is unique, with a lot of tricks, and full personality.For example, some brands of sexy underwear designed "Marry Me" with letters and gorgeous pearls, which can always stimulate the romantic feelings in women’s hearts.

Nursing and disinfection of underwear

After buying the love underwear, we need to do the care and disinfection of underwear.The recommended disinfection methods are: exposure, high temperature baking, spraying with alcohol or diluted disinfection, etc.In the daily maintenance of underwear, we still need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Change a piece of underwear every day to avoid wearing the same underwear many times.

2. Underwear should be washed with warm water, do not use a washing machine.

3. Underwear should be stored separately from other clothes.


I believe that through the introduction of this article, you have a clearer understanding and selection method of low -priced sexy underwear.For women who like sexy underwear, low price does not affect the beauty and sexy of the underwear.While ensuring quality, choosing a price -friendly sexy underwear will be your rational and beautiful mind.

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