Wear fun underwear pictures in military uniforms

How to maintain sexy femininity when wearing military uniforms?The answer is -wearing sexy underwear!A sexy sexy underwear can transform the image of women in an instant, allowing them to exude a unique charm under serious military uniforms.Below, let’s take a look at the correct way to wear sexy underwear in military uniforms!

1. Buy the right sexy underwear

It is very important to buy suitable sexy underwear.First of all, the size must be accurate. If the size is wrong, you will feel uncomfortable.Secondly, the style must be in line with your body and identity.Women who wear military uniforms are more conservative.

2. Pay attention to the material of sexy underwear

Because military uniforms often need to be moved outdoors, the material of sexy underwear also takes into account comfort and breathability.You can choose the style of cotton, silk or lace.

3. Color selection should be cautious

Of course, you can choose sexy underwear of conventional colors such as black, white, and skin tone, but the bold colors such as red and purple can also show you unique charm in military uniforms.

4. Short sexy underwear options

Short sexy underwear can better match military uniforms, neither will be exposed, but also makes you comfortable.

5. Pay attention to the style of the bra

The choice of the bras should also be very cautious. Do not choose too deep V or a hollow style. The conservative style is more in line with the rigorous atmosphere of military uniforms.

6. Appropriate off -shoulder

If you want to exude sexy femininity under military uniforms, you can choose to show an appropriate amount of shoulders, but don’t show parts above your arms, otherwise it will look too exaggerated.

7. Pay attention to the proportion

Interesting underwear under military uniforms must not only take into account the style and material of itself, but also pay attention to the proportion of the waist and lower dressing to make the whole person look more harmonious.

8. Reasonable matching accessories

Wearing fun underwear under military uniforms can not only wear sexy effects, but also match appropriate accessories, such as necklaces and bracelets to make the whole person look more exquisite.

9. Choose high -quality sexy underwear

Choosing high -quality sexy underwear is the key to ensuring sexy effects.Good erotic underwear materials and workmanship are very fine, and hygiene is more guaranteed, which can show your sexy more perfect.

10. It should not be overly publicized

When choosing sexy underwear under military uniforms, the conservativeness must be there, and it seems too inconvenient to be too public.So don’t wear too much exposure and exaggeration. Reasonable sexy is the two.

In short, it is necessary to choose sexy underwear when wearing military uniforms.But pay attention to conservativeness, choose the right style, and pay more attention to the material and comfort, so that you can really make the sexy underwear add points to your image and show your unique charm.

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