Wear sex shells during physical examinations

The benefits of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a kind of sexy and surprising underwear. Its design can highlight and emphasize the curve and characteristics of women’s bodies, and add interest and fun to the sex life between couples.However, sexy underwear is not used to show it to others, but to add self -confidence and beauty to yourself.

The feasibility of wearing a sexy underwear

Many women may feel that wearing sexy underwear during medical examinations will be embarrassing and inappropriate, but in fact, wearing sexy underwear will not hinder the medical examination. As long as the suitable style and size are selected, it will not affect the observation and examination of doctors.

Specific erotic underwear selection

When choosing what kind of erotic underwear is chosen, you can consider choosing some simpler styles, such as sexy conjoined jackets, tight skirts, etc. The color can choose sexy colors such as black and red.At the same time, be careful not to choose too complicated and excessive sexy styles, so as not to affect the doctor’s examination.

Precautions during physical examination

When putting on a sexual examination on a sexy underwear, you can explain the situation in advance for the doctor, so that the doctor can prepare, or it can be replaced according to the doctor’s requirements.At the same time, before preparing for the medical examination, we must carefully review and clean the sexy underwear worn to ensure hygiene and health.

Adjustment of mentality during physical examination

Wearing a fun underwear during the physical examination may make women feel a little embarrassed and uncomfortable. In this case, you can make your feelings easier and natural by adjusting your mentality.You can imagine that you are a professional model or actor in your mind, or tell yourself that this is a normal physiological examination process without having to be too nervous and worry.

The balance between sexy and healthy

When choosing to wear sexy underwear, you should pay attention to the balance between sexy and health.We must avoid choosing too exposed and dangerous styles and materials, while eliminating bad habits, such as irregular diet, not paying attention to personal hygiene to ensure your health.

Other problems about sexy underwear

In addition to participating in the medical examination in sexy underwear, women can also wear sexy underwear in daily life to regulate emotions and increase confidence.However, when buying and wearing sexy underwear, you must pay attention to materials and sizes to avoid negative impacts on the body.

The psychological effect of wearing sex lingerie

Wearing erotic underwear can effectively improve women’s confidence and self -esteem, and make women more confident and actively facing various challenges and problems in life and work.Fun underwear is full of sexy and mysteriousness, can inspire people’s self -confidence and courage, and can also bring deeper enjoyment and happiness to people.


Wearing a fun underwear during medical examinations is not an embarrassing and incredible thing. As long as you choose and use reasonably, you can bring more beauty and confidence to women, and at the same time you can add interest and fun between each other.In daily life, wearing erotic underwear is also a way to show yourself, take care of yourself, and add self -confidence, but you also need to pay attention to health and hygiene.Good erotic underwear should be sexy and healthy, not only in line with personal psychological needs, and does not affect the health of the body.I hope that women can be confident, beautiful, healthy, and lady when wearing sexy underwear!

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