Wear sex underwear for online videos

Wear sex underwear for online videos

In the Internet era, more and more people use online platforms to show their own characteristics and talents.Among them, online videos are a very popular way. Especially for some people or enthusiasts in the entertainment industry, wearing sexy underwear as part of video performance can add a mystery and charm to the video content.So what should I pay attention to when wearing sex lingerie to do online videos?The following will be explained from several aspects.

Choose the right underwear

Choosing the right sexy underwear has a great impact on the presentation of the entire video content.First, the underwear you wear must be in line with video themes and styles.For example, if it is a concert video, you need to choose a thin and light underwear to avoid too heavy sexy underwear affecting the stage image.Secondly, you need to choose the right size to ensure the comfort of the underwear and fully display the body advantage.

Do a good job of sorting and matching underwear

Before rehearsal, we must organize underwear clean and tidy.Underwear matching also needs to consider the overall effect.If the clothing is already exquisite, the underwear can choose a simple style to ensure that the whole person shows a noble and elegant temperament.If the clothing is simple, you can choose a fancy underwear to increase the ornamental.In short, on the basis of considering the overall beauty, we must do underwear based on personal style and characteristics.

Technical way of wear

Wearing sex lingerie also requires skill, whether in daily life or online video.First, master the correct way of wear.Some underwear may be more complicated or difficult to wear in key areas. It is recommended to learn video teaching in advance or ask professionals.Secondly, pay attention to the overall effect of the underwear, so that the underwear can achieve the best display effect without affecting the shooting.

Music and movement

In video performances, music and movements are quite important elements.This is especially true to wear sexy underwear.How to match the display, music and movements of underwear is very skillful.For the theme of creating desire and mystery, such as aesthetic melody, underwear can choose a soft style, show it with soft dance steps to express a beautiful and charming temperament.For sexy and enthusiastic themes, such as rock music, underwear can choose more fancy design, strengthen dynamics, and better express their sexy charm.

Pay attention to photography equipment and environment

Video shooting needs to pay attention to the appropriateness and environment of the photography equipment.The photography equipment should choose suitable cameras, microphones and lights to ensure the quality and brightness of the video screen and sound.The environment should be simple and bright, try to avoid the interference of debris, keep the entire shooting scene refreshing and neat, and create a good atmosphere.

Pay attention to the coordination of stage clothing

Doing video performances must have stage clothing.The coordination between stage clothing and sexy underwear also needs to be considered.The stage clothing can be matched with sexy underwear to create a more sexy and artistic stage effect, bringing better visual and auditory enjoyment to the audience.

Attention to detail

One of the keys to the success of video performance is to focus on details.Pay attention to the details of makeup, hairstyle, shoes and other details.How to make the whole person a perfect effect requires a certain amount of effort.You must understand the focus and the choice, so that you can catch the attention of the audience.

Careful self -evaluation

Finally, be careful of self -evaluation.After making the video, evaluate your performance first.Try to choose a professional or an experienced friend who understands this field to comment, listen to their suggestions and opinions, and make appropriate adjustments and improvements.


Wearing sex underwear to make online videos can increase the attractiveness and visual effects of video.When choosing and wearing, you should be close to the theme and style, focus on details, and at the same time you need to grasp the overall beauty and display effect.The details of the video shooting also need to pay attention, such as photography equipment and environment.Finally, you need to be cautiously evaluated.Although wearing online video is full of challenges and skills, only unremitting efforts and practice can achieve better results.

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