What are the AV videos of sexy underwear

Introduction to AV videos of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a double stimulus that gives people visual and sensible, making people more enjoyable to sex.As we all know, the AV industry is one of the highest -income industries in the world. Interesting underwear is also playing an important role in it. The following introduces several types of sexy underwear -related AV films.

Slow heat, unique style SM series

The SM series is a type of sexy underwear that has received more attention.The sexy underwear of the SM series is full of strange colors and shapes, and it is applied to many materials such as leather, rubber and crystals.The design of sexy underwear is full of various imaginations. For some slow and new stimulus, this type of AV film is a good choice.

Simple and stylish, full of energy -full uniform series

The uniform series is a kind of sexy underwear type that is not concerned with the right simplicity and unique design.The sexy underwear of the uniform series gives people a high -quality feeling. Many uniform series of sexy underwear is covered with various sexy vocabulary or sexual organs symbols.This kind of sexy underwear is relatively similar to Gothic and PUNK elements, and it reveals a trace of anger in simplicity.

Colorful pattern, beautiful camouflage series

The camouflage series is a type of high requirements for beauty underwear. It has won people’s attention with complex patterns and colors.There are diverse sexy lingerie in the camouflage series. Some erotic lingerie is made of satin, and some are made of velvet.In the camouflage series, part of the use of 3D printing technology has further enhanced the visual enjoyment of sexy underwear.

Simple and fresh, surreal deep -sea series

The color used in the deep -sea series of fun underwear is mostly blue, cyan and purple, which means the mystery and dream of the deep sea.Most of these sexy lingerie materials are beaded, diamonds and flashing crystals.With its fresh and simple style, the sexy lingerie of the deep -sea series has won the favor of the public and has become a recommended AV film type.

Super size, unruly and fierce exposure series

Exposing a series can be said to be the most radical of sexy underwear.This kind of sexy underwear is mostly open crotch and perspective. The bra is usually "shoulders" or "no shoulder strap type", and the lower body will have a relatively large and teasing design.Moreover, the size of this kind of sexy underwear is much larger than the conventional, and it is more exciting, which is more suitable for those who want to release their inner desires.

Xiangyan temptation, Queen Fan’s leather series

The leather series is a more classic type in sexy underwear. It feels very like the Queen Fan and has a strong sexy temptation.In the sexy underwear of the leather series, the most is leather corset and hot pants, and some even have a foot or hand binding equipment, which is even more exciting.This kind of sexy underwear is suitable for people who are a little enhanced version of SM or leather BDSM, not everyone can hold it.

Soft sister style, Meng Meng series pretending to be loli

Seeing that the sexy underwear began to become "hard core", we must not forget those soft cute loli who likes sweet relationships.The design style of this kind of sexy underwear emphasizes the mood and atmosphere, highlighting the feminineness of women, small and exquisite, fresh and beautiful colors.Suitable for those who want to experience the "sweet" lingerie visual nutrition.

Create details, let you be trapped in the class series series

The intercourse series is a sexy underwear series based on school uniforms as the main design element. This kind of sexy underwear is usually made of cotton, which is soft and comfortable. Sometimes it will be decorated with various bows and ties.Campus beautiful girl.This kind of sexy underwear with middle socks and school shoes is a very classic match, which makes you seem to return to the high school era and experience the pleasure of "inserting class students".

Strange hobby, the devotion of the monastery style

Monastery -style sexy underwear is mostly pure white. Its design ideas originated from religious types and requires quiet, devout, mysterious and other factors.This kind of sexy underwear is high -necked long sleeves, and the upper body will have a cross pattern symbolizing religion, and the lower body is a pantyhose or skirt design.This kind of sexy underwear looks like strange clothes, but for some people with strange hobbies, the monastery and fun underwear are a very good choice.

Artistic presentation, well -received stain dyeing series

The stain -dyeing series is a relatively special type in sexy underwear. It usually uses unique craftsmanship to present a unique color effect, the feel is very soft, and the material is mostly silk.This kind of sexy underwear has strong artistic and personalized, suitable for women who like independent and unruly new era.


There are many AV films related to sexy underwear. Each sex underwear represents a sexy characteristics and charm, and it is suitable for different personalities and preferences.As long as you choose the type of sexy underwear that is consistent with yourself, you can better enjoy the stimulus and joy brought by sex.But in the process of enjoying, don’t forget self -protection.I hope that when choosing sexy underwear, don’t blindly pursue stimuli, but to ensure their own safety and health.

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