What are the fun underwear brands rented in Europe and the United States

What are the fun underwear brands rented in Europe and the United States?

As a global leader in fashion, the sexy underwear produced by European and American countries is naturally exquisite and noble.Today, many young women in China have begun to try the European and American style sexy underwear, but the European and American sexy lingerie styles and brands that can be purchased in the domestic market are relatively small.Therefore, the sexy underwear leased in European and American brands has become a new choice for women.So, what brands are worthy of lease?Let me introduce them one by one.

1. vivienne westwood

As one of the most popular sexy underwear brands in the UK, Vivienne Westwood is good at bringing unparalleled noble atmosphere to people.The brand’s suspender corset, suspender pantyhose, beauty vest and other special products can show the curve of women perfectly, making people feel refreshed.

2. Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a well -known sexy underwear brand in the UK, and it advocates strong sexy and tempting.The brand has always advocated handmade production in underwear production, and each product is hand -sewed by craftsmen.Try the Agent Provocateur from the UK.

3. Lascivious

Lascivious is a very famous sexy underwear brand in the UK. Its product is unique and stylish.The brand’s products are quite special, such as toys and sports venues popular in the 1960s have become the source of inspiration for Lascivious products.

4. Bluebella

Bluebella is one of the best sexy underwear companies in the UK. The brand’s products are stylish, light and sexy.The Bluebella suspender dress is more famous, suitable for wearing on party.

5. House of Holland

House of Holland from the UK is also a good sexy underwear brand.Its product has always been known for its high -level quality and excellent design. Diversity and personality are the core value of House of Holland.

6. DITA VON Teese

Dita Vonteese is a very famous sexy underwear designer in the United States and is very good in underwear design.Her brand was founded in 2007, advocating "limited edition sexy underwear design", which is loved by many fashion enthusiasts.

7. Trashy Lingerie

Trashylingerie should be said to be one of the most famous and popular brands in American sex lingerie brands. Its products are not only fresh and high in quality, but also very suitable for women to wear, showing women’s charm and temptation.

8. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is not only a lingerie brand that people like around the world, but also an indisputable leader in the sexy underwear industry.Victoria’s Secret’s erotic underwear production method, materials, quality and design are all benchmarks.Women can rent the corresponding brand of sexy underwear according to their own needs.

The above list is recommended by the sexy underwear brand leased in Europe and the United States. Of course, other excellent brands are also welcomed in the market.If you need to improve your interesting experience in sex, you may wish to choose a product that suits you and leave beautiful memories.

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