Where to put the sexy underwear

How to dry the sexy shirt

Interest underwear is indispensable in life, but in the process of drying, many people do not know how to deal with it.In order to protect your fun underwear and your own privacy, the following are useful skills and suggestions.

Don’t take sexy underwear in public

Although sexy underwear is very common in our lives, please be careful not to expose it in public.You can use drying racks or drying sexy underwear in your own room.Drying in public places will cause unnecessary interests of others and cause violations of your privacy.

Especially on the balcony

It is not recommended to dry the sexy underwear on the balcony. Even a very personal balcony is not desirable, because it may be seen by neighbors or others.It is best to dry and dry it indoors or dry it in a slightly hidden place, which can avoid unexpected embarrassment.

Dry to dry underwear and pants

When drying sexy underwear, you should dry the underwear and pants separately.The advantage of this is that the quality of the underwear can be maintained, especially for the drying treatment of the cushion and other parts of the corset.At the same time, it can also prevent unexpectedly.

Choose the right drying method

The drying method should be adjusted with the material of the sexy underwear.Some underwear should be placed flat, while some underwear needs to be hung up to dry.It is best to classify each underwear and choose the appropriate drying method.

Avoid excessive exposure

Sunshine itself is not a problem with sexy underwear, but the exposure time is too long and will cause irritation and damage.Therefore, when you dry it, you should avoid excessive exposure and control the time as much as possible.

Hanging in a ventilation

When hanging underwear, keep ventilation.If it is too humid, the underwear will become moldy and smell.When hanging underwear, the appropriate distance is also very important, so that the air can circulate and help quickly dry.

Use a dryer

If you have a dryer, you can use it to process sex underwear.Before drying, it is best to classify.Then choose different materials according to the situation.Drying under high temperature and strong wind can make sexy underwear quickly dry.

Avoid strong scrubbing

The material of the underwear is usually soft, so you need to pay special attention when washing your underwear.Avoid a strong way of scrubbing, because this will damage the details and shapes of the sexy underwear.In addition, do not use the machine to clean the sexy underwear. The powerful washing method can easily damage the material and shorten the life of the underwear.

Use as little detergent as much as possible

Although detergents can help remove stains, to remove residues, a lot of water cleaner detergent is needed.However, excessive water can damage sexy underwear.Therefore, using as little detergent as much as possible to reduce water soaking time, it can achieve a good cleaning effect.

in conclusion

When you dry your sexy underwear, follow the above suggestions to protect your privacy and protect the quality of sexy underwear.Correct maintenance can make sexy underwear more durable and maintain a beautiful appearance.

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