Which series is a sexy underwear

What is sexy underwear number

The sexy underwear number refers to a unique logo symbol that is posted by the manufacturer on the product.It can be used to identify sexy underwear products of different series, different styles, and different levels.The number is often composed of a string of numbers, letters, or two types. It can generally be found on underwear labels and boxes.

The relationship between the number and the brand

The number does not represent the brand, but a serial number within the brand.Different series and different styles of sexy underwear of the same brand may have different numbers, and the sexy underwear of different brands may also have the same number.Therefore, you must choose the suitable sex underwear according to the brand and the series, and you cannot choose only according to the number.

What kind of name is sexy underwear

The number of sexy underwear is usually represented by JD, TA, SM, EL, BACI, etc.These numbers are popular sexy underwear brands, representing different styles and series.Taking BACI as an example, it is a European and American sex lingerie brand. The number of BACI is generally composed of Si and TA. SI indicates the basic nature of underwear (such as materials, lace, etc.), while TA represents the style and series of underwear.Through the combination of SI and TA, you can easily find a sexy underwear that suits you.

The relationship between sex underwear numbers and sizes

The number and size of the sexy underwear are not directly related.Although some brands may correspond to the size and size, this is just what the brand is determined by itself, not a unified regulation.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you need to choose the right underwear according to your actual size instead of the number.

The effect of the number on the quality of sexy underwear

The number does not represent the quality of sexy underwear, but it can help you understand the material, style, style and other information of the underwear.The number of some brands can also reflect their intentions and creativity of underwear design.Therefore, to choose good sexy underwear, you need to consider the brand reputation, quality, material, and style, and you must not just look at the number.

How to choose the number correctly

First, choose a brand and series that suits you.The styles and positioning of different brands are different, and they must be selected according to their preferences and needs.Second, we must understand the meaning of the number.It is necessary to understand the brand’s number coding rules and understand the basic nature and characteristics of the number.Finally, combine your own needs and actual situation, choose the number and size that suits you.

How to distinguish between authentic and pseudo -pseudo underwear numbers

Now some bad businesses will put the real brand number on the fake erotic underwear to cheat consumers’ trust and money.Therefore, you need to understand how to identify the authentic and pseudo -sex lingerie number.Under normal circumstances, the real erotic underwear number is posted on the underwear label or on the box. It is engraved with the brand name.The counterfeit number may have problems such as different sizes, unclear representatives, and blurred handwriting, so you need to distinguish it carefully.

The relationship between sex underwear numbers and production date

The sex lingerie number has nothing to do with the production date, so the production date cannot be judged by the number.The production date of sexy underwear can be found from the label or box on the underwear.Under normal circumstances, the closer to the production date of the underwear, the quality and material will be better, so pay attention to the date when buying.

The importance of the number of the purchase of sexy underwear

The importance is not the most important for choosing sexy underwear.The most important thing is to choose a brand, style, style, and size that suits you, so as to better meet your needs and experience.The number is just an auxiliary identifier. Although it has its importance, it is not the most important factor.

in conclusion

In short, the number of erotic underwear can help us understand the style, material, style and other information of the underwear, but it does not represent the brand, quality and size.When choosing underwear, you need to consider it according to the brand, style, style and size. You cannot just look at the number to choose the sexy underwear that suits you best.

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